(Czech) Svatební fotograf – budování portfolia


Prague wedding anniversary photo shoot

Prague wedding anniversary photo shoot

Love blooms at any age and it’s so nice to see couples, who behave like freshly-in-love-teenagers :) Few days ago we were contacted by Henderson&Cherrie who came to Prague from China, and since they have celebrated their 15th wedding anniversary, he gave her a present in form of post wedding photo shoot. They have a daughter, however she stayed back home and pursued her college responsibilities, so this was kind of a rendez-vous for them…And also we couldn’t wish for a better weather. Everytime I am in the city I say to myself – Prague is just a gorgeous studio!

Cherrie was wearing her wedding dress only over the first half of the photo shoot, then she changed her outfit to an elegant costume and she looked amazing in it! Since the beginning both of them were full of energy and joy and it was a great pleasure working with them!


MAKE UP: Marie Tyburcová


Tips for bride’s wedding photography

Tips for bride’s wedding photography

Most brides’ dream is to look great and have nice pictures from their wedding. They put great emphasis on wedding dresses that highlight their curves, perfect wedding make up and hairstyle. Unfortunately, not all photographers are able to instruct and lead the bride in order to create flattering and beautiful wedding photos.

I have prepared some tips for you for brides posing, I believe  – for both brides and photographers – they will be helpful.

1. Do not always look into the camera

I don’t have this dreamy look into the distance on my mind, but for example looking at the bouquet or a looking down over shoulder.

wedding photography for bride her portrait


Wedding photography portrait for bride

Even short wedding gown is stylish

2.  Curves flatter women

Hanging  arms are suitable mostly just for footballers :) For ladies it’s better to slightly bend arm at the elbow, do not arm press them to the trunk (it unnecessarily makes biceps look larger) and always bend one leg (to put weight on one leg highlights the waist curve).

bride wedding photography portrait

Curves definitely suit our gorgeous bride Zuzka

3. Beware of second chin

To avoid the effect of a double chin it’s better to move the head slightly forward and depending on the angle from which the portrait is being photographed, it’s good to adapt the height of the chin – either lift it up or move it downwards. Having shoulders relaxed helps to form a nice neck line.

wedding photography of a bride with nice neck line and relaxed shoulders

Chinese bride Karen at Vrtbovská garden

4. Facing the photographer is not the only option

Allow yourself a variation of poses. Nice wedding pictures of the bride may not always be the ones when shooting from the front, so called “anface”. For example, to view from behind at the bride, showing her back. It’s good that at least part of the face will be visible.

wedding bride photography in a beautiful countryside

We captured couple of beautiful portraits on the meadow






































For this kind of wedding photography, it’s essential to create friendly, positive enviroment, which helps the bride (and groom as well, of course) to relax, have fun and enjoy the wedding photo session even more.