Wedding Photography Contest 2014 dragged to a successful end

Thanks to Tomas Barcík and my wife Zii we dragged another “crazy” project to an end. Thus, at the beginning… The idea to organize an open competition for the wedding picture came from Libor Svoboda, at a dinner party at our studio. Now we have couple of ideas about a lot of gimmicks for the next year competition :) . We know that we made some mistakes in this year round and please dear critics and pro colleagues forgive us and of course we will be happy for your constructive feedback what to do better next year:)

Anyway thanks to all photographers for your 532 pictures submitted in this czech wedding photography contes and congratulation to Jana for the best one! Hope you will enjoy the Carl Zeiss lens!


Monika and Martin, their first photo session in our studio

It was my great pleasure that I was able to welcome and photograph Monica and Martin in our studio and that I was honored to photograph their frist photos as couple. I met Monica for the first time, when we cooperated on project Souboj Nevest = Clash of the brides. I was very intrigued by her openness and her approach to marriage. Then I told myself that when I have ever studio, so that I have to invite her and photograph her…

Thank you Moni, Martine for their trust and beautiful experience!

Make up: Lucie Průžková
Photo: Petr Pelucha


Pre-wedding photoshoot in Prague

This year’s winter is more or less same as the last year’s one – so far snowless and with spring temperatures. Basically we are happy for it, because we don’t freeze during photo shoot :) And I think even our clients from China – Xiaomin and Daniel were thankful for that. They spent just 3 days in Prague within their trip Berlin – Prague – Vienna, so they have decided to make most of their visit.

They have been together for 10 years already, so a pre-wedding photo session and a romantic lunch at a restaurant with the view over the Charles bridge were a nice gift for themselves. We met in our studio, were Xiaomin was prepared by skilled make up artist Hana Blachova. In the meantime I was talking with Daniel about traveling and Prague transportation :) Xiaomin had a wonderful floral dress with a red coat, so she was a great variegation of black-grey outfits in the streets.

Prague castle, Kampa, Charles bridge – in relatively short time we have visited all the spots that romantic photographs from Prague should hold and we believe, we contributed to Xiaomin’s and Daniel’s pleasantly spent morning and thank to the photographs they will have nice memories of their stay in Prague.

MAKE UP: Hana Bľachová


Monika & Martin, amazing couple

Monika and Martin are amazing couple not only for photography, but also as a model for a beautiful relationship. I am grateful that I had met with Monica and Martin and could get to know them personally. And today I was lucky to shoot them in our photo studio in Prague …
Martin said it was their first photo shoot and I add that, certainly not the last! :)

Moni, Marty, you’re wonderful, enjoy every day when you’re together!

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The beauty of future mums

Many of you know us mainly as wedding photographers, also most of our blog posts are related to the world of weddings. But that si just a beggining of a new era. Era, both the wife and husband are looking forward to – pregnancy. That moment, when you find out for the first time you are expecting a baby, moments, when you start looking at babies clothes in the shop windows, when you start thinking about your future baby’s’s a wonderful feeling. Those, who’s family has already grown, I suppose are nodding agreeably, and those, who are looking forward to this experience, are smiling sitting over their laptops and I do :)

We already had a chance to welcome couple of future mums in our Prague photography studio and we believe we made them happy (and they still are) through our pregnancy photographs. For me as a woman it’s important (although I am not mum myself yet) to capture this bond between you and your baby – that love, happiness and humility towards something that surprisingly deep. I also want the photographs to express certain sensitivity and grace. Life always brings new inspiration and I try to transform it into my photographs. I also see inspiration in you – future mums…


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Wedding in Mauritius

Some time ago I had the opportunity to shoot this wedding in Mauritius. It was a wonderful and rewarding experience. Direct equatorial light, quick sunset, wedding ceremony “venue” right next to hotel and literally few meters from the sunbathers :) However I think that now, in the cold winter, it is pleasant to take every opportunity to keep yourself warm just by watching photos from the seaside :) Therefore, I would like share for these sun-drenched wedding photos with you.

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This was my weekend photo training

This weekend I found a little time and I could shoot this beautiful girl. It was a challenge to one side and on the other hand enormous beauty and joy …
So check out these portraits which I took in our prague photography studio…

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