Will & Lyris – blue wedding banquet in Hong Kong

Dear bride and groom to be, if you are looking for some wedding decor inspiration, or for theme colour, I might have just something right for you – a blue wedding banquet, directed by skillful bride Lyris.

I have met Will and Lyris half year ago, when I photographed their blue wedding in Prague. Back then I wouldn’t have thought, that I will be capturing their wedding celebration in Hong Kong. I am happy I could be part of this event. The ceremony was simple, yet touching, elegant and pure. What more can you wish for?

The details were chosen and arranged carefully. Guests were asked to wear blue, I have to admit my blue jacket matched the standards :) Who says blue is boring? Blue is colour of love..at least for Will and Lyris…and I couldn’t have wished for better companions in this lovely city of Hong Kong!


Ice Light, a little thing that helps and makes boys curious

When winter comes and the depletion of natural light is fast there is a time to use a variety of alternative light source. One such small and useful source of light is Ice Light. It’s a handy light, which has a daily light color. I mostly use it when I photograph portraits and various details. I can continuously  change the light intensity, without changing the color of light and is useful for shooting video as well- does not blink ☺.

At the bottom of the light there is a thread, thanks to which I screwed Ice Light on a tripod, which is quite useful. I do not have to hold it in my hand all the time :) Normally on a single charge lasts for the entire wedding – meaning about 1,5-2h of lighting. It is also possible to have it connected to a network and shine “through cable.”

Examples of how I use Ice Light in praxi photography – indoors and outdoors, portraits and decoration ..

Nearest shop in EU where to buy this light is here: www.darian.sk

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Christmas vouchers for portrait photographs from our studio

Looking for a gift for your mom, girlfriend, wife or just for yourself?

We offer CHRISTMAS VOUCHERS as a beautiful and original gift for your loved ones.

Voucher is packaged in an elegant box into which we will upload pictures created with donee. These vouchers can be issued for portraits, photographs of children, pregnancy photographs and family photographs. Particular specification is then to be agree with donee.

Orders more information on studio@pelucha.com

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Protected: Joachim celebration in Lobkowicz palace

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Rendezvous in Prague

Even in a cold autumn day in Prague the love still flourish:) All the very nice to you Georgio and Gina!

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Wedding expo Prague 2014

So we have reached the intersection of 2014 and 2015 season. The sign of it was the Wedding Expo, which – as usually – took place in Prague 6. It’s the largest autumn wedding fair in Czech. Accordingly was the representation of the exhibitors. We could see the top companies and individuals, such as newcomers in the business. From the established ones we can mention from the clothing branch – Nuance, wedding rings were represented by Retofy, make up artist Alžběta Fleglová, flower studios – LaFlorista and Mrs. Rypáčková from Svatební kytice.cz. Of course many lovely venues have presented themselves – such as Hotel Augustine or Lobkowicz Palace, couple of wedding agencies – Prague weddings or Creative weddings…Many photographers and all other vendors, who’s services are necessary for good organization and smooth run of your wedding day :)

A nice article was published in The wedding post.
In the end I would like to say, that visiting wedding fair just to collect flyers is, in my opinion, such a loss of time. It’s much more efficient to do a research few days before and then visit the fair to get more inofrmation or close the deal. Because all the vendors are basically willing to offer interesting bonuses and better deals :)

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Date in a foggy Prague

On 17th November 2014 I met with Dawn and Eli, a lovely couple from States, who found a bit of time in their busy life to meet me and created some family photographs from their stay in Prague. The weather was nothing special, but we did not give up and went for a walk …

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