Secret / spy engagement in Prague

This time of year brings many brave men to Prague to propose to their loved ones. There is many and many ways how and where to propose and here is one proposal from Jeff. He emailed me couple days ago with a request to do a secret resp. spy photos from his engagement in Prague. We settled the place and time where he is planning to kneel down and the rest was a great adventure for everyone…:)


Hong Kong wedding in Prague

Náš první společný chat před několika měsíci nám poprvé ukázal sympatického a energií nabitého ženicha. Nevěstu a jejich 4 kamarádky jsme potkali při líčení v jejich apartmánu ve Starém městě, odkud jsme vyrazili na obřad na Staroměstské radnici a posléze pro požehnání v kostele sv. Mikuláše. Koordinátorka Andrea z Exclusive weddings již na přání páru zorganizovala krásné barevné balónky a tudíž jsme se mezi tolika turisty mohli bez problémů najít :) Balónky všichni svatebčané vypustli před kostelem a společně jsme sledovali, jak mizí v oblacích nad Staromákem…
Energie, radosti a odhodlání bylo dost, a tak jsme se vydali na několikahodinové svatební fotografování na Karlovom mostě, Hradě a Letné, kde již měli připravený slávnostní oběd v Hanavském pavilonu.
Tady jsme si řekli adieu a odcházeli z příjemným pocitem z poznáni tak milého a zamilovaného páru, jakým Alvin a Karen jednoznačně byl…

Prague attracts tourists from all over the world. Asia, concretely Hong Kong, is no exception. Young people from this fascinating part of the world come here with the aim to marry their beloved ones in an “exotic destination” and experience slightly different wedding process than back home. They often come just alone, or with 2-3-4 family mambers or friends. So let me introduce Alvin, Karen’s wedding day and their 4 friends.
Our first chat few months ago has revealed nice and energic groom Alvin. We met bride Karen and her 4friends (well, actually her sister and 3 friends :) during the make up session in their apartment in Old Town, from where we headed to the ceremony in the Old Town townhall and later for the blesing in St. Nicolaus church. Coordinator Andrea from Exclusive weddings has organized (based on a wish of the newlyweds) big balloons, so we could spot each other easily among the crowds :) The balloons were released in front of the church and we were all watching them disappear in the clouds over the Old town square…
There was lots of energy, joy and determination, so we left for wedding photo shoot at Charles bridge, Prague Castle, Letná, where they had a festive lunch in Hanavsky pavilion.
Here we said farewell and left with a good feeling of having got to know such a nice and adoring couple Alvin and Karen were…

COORDINATOR: Exclusive weddings
MAKE-UP: Lucie Průžková
FLOWERS: FreziaFleur

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One great portrait photosession in Prague with Halina

Just before we left for our vacation week, we had the great pleasure to meet Halina from Costa Rica. She visited Prague for the first time and wanted to get some portrait pictures from here… So here they are:)

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Wonderful autumn wedding in Prague

This was one very beautiful autumn wedding in Prague. Alan and Julia said their vows in a romantic chateau Troja from where the wedding guests went on a boat trip and us with groom and bride went in the city center. The wedding photos of Alan and Julia we photographed near the Charles Bridge and the evening party was hold at the Grand Hotel Bohemia …
Dear Julie and Alan, we wish you a lot of beautiful days like the one on your wedding :) Have a great life together!!

Dress: Svatební studio Brigit
Make up: Martina
Wedding agency: Pragueweddings
Videograph: Marek Sodoma
Flowers: LaFlorista

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One unusual pre-wedding photoshoot in Prague

During my photographic practice I have met with a lot of things :) But never photographed with beautiful Shoko and her “Mr. Banana”:)
We met in our studio for the preparations and I was really surprised when Pican showed me, what he was going to wear for their pre-wedding photoshoot in Prague – it was a Banana costume :) ))
I will be honest – I never had such an attention during bride and groom photo session as I had with this superb couple:)

Make up: Marie Tyburcová
Dresses: Bride’s own

and at the end something unexpected ..

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One amazing wedding in Valtice

After the wonderful and tough season one could assume, that another Saturday and “another” wedding. But not if you go to Valtice to shoot wedding of Tereza and Jakub. The wedding of one great couple…since morning, when we arrived and started photographing bride’s getting ready, it looked like it’s gonna be a wonderful wedding day. Tereza kept smiling at us all the time with her bright smile and the same way as her girlfriends, she enjoyed her big day.

The ceremony took place in Chateau Valtice, later we moved to Rendez-vous. This is one incredibly romantic wedding venue, which is surrounded by Valtice forest park. I recommend visiting this place :) During the whole day sun was shining nicely, but only till the moment we decided to go outdoors for creative wedding photo session. A heavy rain came and we had to stay inside. Therefore the first part of the photographs originated here in Rendez-vous and the other half in Reisten, another romantic building overlooking the village…btw a place, where Jakub proposed.

And the evening party was held in the Chateau Valtice…

Coordinator: Exclusive weddings

Flowers: Inspirito

Dress: Naive

Make up: Bára K

Music: Louis Armstrong revival, DJ Michal Červenka

Second photographer: Zina Pelucha


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Slovak-Irish fairytale with happy-end ~ wedding in Bratislava

To follow up on our latest post and to motivate also those, who don’t go to gym, we have a story about Lucia and Declan, who met in Irish pub in London. Lucy – as a temerament slovak girl went out with her girlfriends to dance one evening and one non-dancing Irish young man became fond of her. He spoke to her only towards the end of the evening and 8 years later they had a Slovak-Irish wedding in Bratislava.
Before going to the famous Blue church, Lucy and her girlfriends had a toast to a smooth run of the day (I guess the same thing happened in a nearby hotel room, where Declan was getting ready :) The weather played along since the morning, only after the ceremony, as we were leaving the church, it started to rain. But only for two minutes – as we say – the luck was raining. It was really nice.
Then the “Bratislava sightseeing train” arrived and took all the guests for a sightseeing tour around the Old town. We also left – for our creative photo session to the park, riverside, Old town and – surprisingly – to a bar :) We came back not only with nice pictures, but also a good mood :)
When we arrived to the boat, the guest were already enjoying themselves and the wedding party could start. Lucka prepared for the foreign guests a surprise – an amazing slovak folk ensemble with musicians introduced them some typical folk dances. Violin is an essential element in both slovak and irish folk music, so everyone was moving in a dynamic rhythm of the songs. At midnight the typical slovak wedding tradition called “čepčenie” was presented and after that irish guest have shown us their dances..and so they danced and had fun till morning hours…

Luci, Declan, be an inspiration to each other – not only in music and dancing :) We wish you both many common interests and great experiences!

Dress: Pronovias
Make up: Petra Spisiak saloon
Venue: Botel Marina
Music and dance programme: Folk assembly Ekonom


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