Wedding pictures from Vrtbovská garder

The nicest and in some way the toughest thing about my job is to be able to fall in love with people I photograph, so I can capture and show their love at its best…
With Andrea and Patrick, this was an easy thing to do. I felt like I was powered just by looking at them, how they were glowing. They are such a nice couple – funny, generous, warmhearted and madly in love.
They met in the restaurant, when Patrick’s friend stole chicken wings from the girls sitting at the neighbouring table..and that’s how it all they said Yes at their wedding here in Prague and they enjoyed their day to the fullest.

Wedding coordinator: Pragueweddings
Venue: Vrtbovská zahrada
Flower: Ruzena Bubenickova


On a date in a Prague park

This one lovely date in one of many prague parks….the summer love never ends!:)


Wedding in blue sneakers

Do you remember the song where they sing that everything was blue? The catchy melody was a big hit back then..the world has almost forgotten the hit, but the passion for blue color stayed. Will and Lyris are such lovers of this color. Blue wedding rings box, blue bouquet, blue sneakers…they were matching nicely and when they put their blue sunglasses on, it as cool.

When we asked them why they chose Prague to get married in, Will told us, he took Lyris to a bookstore and told her to close her eyes and pick any city guide booklet and he would take her there. So she made a pick and here they were…

Their wedding at Old Town Town hall was small, just them and two witnesses. In the beginning shy Lyris and Will relaxed during the wedding photo session, they enjoyed the sun and the attention of not only many tourist. Will went for a typically Czech refreshment in form of beer. They wrote their wedding date and names on Lennon’s wall, later were admiring the view over the river and castle from Vyšehrad…

..we believe they will have unforgettable memories of their wedding day and of this beautiful city and maybe they’ll come back again some day..may they be welcomed by a blue sky :)

Coordinator: Exclusive Weddings
Kameraman: Martin Linhart
Hotel: MH apartments
Flowers: B&J flowers

Make up: Bára Krejčíková

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The dream came true – the wedding of Mario & Lucy

We have a story to tell. Short, but touching.
..when Mario left for Australia for couple of months, not only his business plan was born there. Also an idea of an ideal woman. When he met Lucy, he realized she is the righ one for life and that she can offer him way more he was dreaming of. So their life went on and after some time the engagement followed. Initially it looked just like a romantic trip to Paris, but when Mario chose a great spot with the view over Eiffel tower, the vital question followed :) Well, and during one sunny june Saturday in Luhacovice Spa, in the company of their family and friends they said YES.
Isn’t it a touching story with happy end? It’s a proof, that dreams and ideas are materializing, when one follows his goal, it becomes reality. Therefore don’t hesitate to dream, to let the phantasy guide you, put your ideas and visions on paper…you never know when they’ll fulfill :)
Lucy, Mario – enjoy many wonderful memorable moments, many dreams and phantasies in each other’s company…You already know they come true and you also know that life and fortune favour the prepared ones…

Venue: Hotel Augustiniánský dům, Luhačovice
Bridal dress: Pronovias
Bracelet: Pandora
Music: harpist Katarína Ševčíková

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Our new portrait studio in Prague is open

Our dream came true! Many thanks to all who helped us come so far. It gives us great joy and commitment and I believe that everyone who comes to us, will feel comfortable and will enjoy a nice experience together with getting beautiful photographs:)

Our new studio is located directly at the famous train station Dejvice and has a magical atmosphere :) come and see:)

Vivat studio:):)

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Back to Wallachia country

We all already know, that Czech Republic has many wonderful castles. But now we will confirm with you, that it has a beautiful cnature as well. The wedding of Klara and Gusta has brought us into the heart of Beskydy mountains – to the hill Solan.
They love this part of the countryside and have therefore decided to use its charisma to say their Yes-word here.
The weather was more than generous to us and the great view from the Hotel Soláň terrace was just exponentiating the feeling of joy and satisfaction. the bride and groom were relaxed during the preparations, their small son Šimon was enjoying the attention of the guests. Then we all slowly proceeded to the cozy Hofman’s Wallachian Studio, were the promenade was welcomed by tasty refreshment. When you say Wallachia, you can’t miss traditional pastry – frgály, sheep’s cheese and sausage. And since the groom is from Slovakia, borovička (typical slovak licor) was not to be missed on the table :) In the meantime a tradiotional folk band was playing some catchy melodies.

After the ceremony we returned to the hotel, where the newlyweds – with tjoint efforts they had to “cut out” their way to the weding table and the feast could start. This time we were full of expectations, because Klara and Gusto have brought their horses – Karol and Filip – to the wedding photography session. There models couldn’t resist the meadows surrounding them, however ocassionally me managed to make them co-work :) The country of the Solan Hill is made to be photographed, we were all thrilled. And with such a pretty bride in romantic Pronovias dress it was great!

Klára, Gusto, Šimon, we wish you have such bright smiles on your faces, as the sun during your Big day in Soláň.

Dress: Pronovias
Venue: U Hofmanů Wallachian Studio, Hotel Soláň
Wedding cake: Café Savoy Prague

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Cheerful wedding at charming castle

We know the newlyweds Zuzka and Karel already for couple of years – it all started with an accidental encounter at the petrol station :) Who would have thought back then, that we will be photographing their wedding at Jindrichuv Hradec castle. We were looking forward for some time already – a photogenic Rondel, place of the ceremony, the castle interior, and mainly very good looking and jolly couple.  The groom was dressed very stylishly, the bride was gorgeous (and I told her this many time throughout the evening) in the Pronovias bridal dress – well, see it yourselves!

Many friends of Karel and Zuzka came to their wedding and this lively crowd could be recognized already during the initial group pictures :) Everyone was having a good time, even the smallest ones, and the band quickly rocked the hall.

The bride and the groom were very popular, each guest wanted to be photographed with them to memorize this wonderful day. But we managed to “steal” the newlyweds for the private shoot in he castle interiors and with such a lovely couple it was a pleasure!

Zuzka, Karel, it was a huge honor for us to be present when you say the YES word..we wish you lots of love and many joyful moments :)

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